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Your data securely stored in Switzerland

Our service is located in Switzerland and operated from there. Your data is stored in Switzerland, thus subject to the Swiss data protection laws ensuring your corporate data privacy.

Securely share your sensitive documents with anyone in the cloud. Keep a full control of the distribution using intuitive user interface and enterprise-grade encryption.

Your data is safe with us!

Who needs exodoc

Deliver enterprise documents to external partners

Sonja distributes a confidential document to Martin and wants to be sure that this document is not re-transmitted inadvertently to other people. Thanks to distribution control, exodoc allows this delivery even if the recipient is using a simple web browser.

Exchange sensitive documents between professionals

Dr. Collins wants to exchange patient records with his colleague Dr. Tiffney so she could continue the treatment. With exodoc, it's possible to easily organize documents and images and deliver them in a secure way, even for very large files.

Collaborate on executive documents anywhere

Miss Taylor is in charge of organizing a meeting for her company directors and shareholders. Using exodoc, she can quickly publish all the documents needed to prepare the meeting and enable collaboration between all attendees, even if they are on a plane with no internet access.

This is only a small part of the solutions proposed by exodoc to make your life easier.

If you want, someone from our team of experts will contact you to find out if exodoc can bring you the solution you are looking for.

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